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Who We Are

Living My Way is a trusted Member based not-for-profit organisation with over 26 years’ experience in supporting people with disabilities to live a self-directed life.

We take an individualised and holistic approach in empowering our Members to live as independently as they choose.

We pride ourselves on being an honest and professional organisation with Member representation on the Board.

Vision & Values

More people getting on with life.

Our History

In the early 1980s a group of people with severe physical disabilities, led by disability rights advocate, the late Kevin Byrne AM fought for their rights to manage their own funding package. Following a successful fight, the Commonwealth Government invited 24 individuals with varying disabilities and lifestyles to apply for the opportunity to participate in a pilot study that would enable them to have choice and control by becoming a registered employer. The two year pilot was ground breaking and unheard of in the world of disability and was deemed a success. Following on from the learnings from this successful pilot study Living My Way Limited was formed in 1992. Find out more about how it all began here – livingmyway.org.au/history


The Commonwealth Government pilot study allowed for the first time people with a disability to be in the driver’s seat. It meant their needs were met, their hours could be adaptable to suit each individual lifestyle and offered flexibility that enables the pursuit of social, recreational and career objectives. This self-managed approached continued to grow over time under the Aging, Disability and Home Care funding which in turn increased the number of Members to Living My Way. This approach allowed Living My Way Members to manage and support their own needs and choices with flexibility to employ their own staff and changing needs. In 2013 yet another ground breaking funding scheme was announced by the Australian Federal Government the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which rolled out nationally from 1 July 2016. The NDIS continues to be based on the same principles of the pilot study back in the early 1980s that people with a disability should have choice and control of their own funding, needs and life.

Our Future

Living My Way will continuously improve and offer quality supports to Members and support them to be empowered and continue to live self-directed lives. Led by a Board that consists of several Members with a disability from a range of professional backgrounds who fully understand the importance of being in control and expending themselves to the fullest extent possible. Living My Ways future looks bright in this evolving and changing disability landscape and looks forward to continuing to support Members for many more years to come.


Logo for Living My Way

With the support of Living My Way I have been able to represent Australia in the 2016 Paralympics and live my dreams.

Logo for Living My Way

It’s the little things in my life that make the difference, the things other people might take for granted because they are able-bodied. Living My Way has given me the freedom and flexibility to enjoy those little things every day, with those I care about.

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Love the LMW team! Especially Gail who has always been there when I’ve needed something.

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All staff are very polite, friendly and helpful. A good team!

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Thank you for your assistance during our NDIS journey past, present, future.

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A truly wonderful Service Provider!!!

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I do my own recruitment, rosters and day to day management, liaise with my staff and rostering them. I really enjoy doing this. At the end of the day, I am the person they answer to. It's very important to me to have control and choice... My work day can change but I can control and negotiate changes as I manage my staff. I learned a lot of skill negotiating and dealing with people.

Logo for Living My Way

I have achieved a full and wonderful life in every way and my disability hasn't once held me back. This would have been very different if I hadn't had the support of Self-Directed Living. It is my passion to enable others with disabilities to access the services that Living My Way offer.

Logo for Living My Way

They got me the best wheelchair against all odds and the best NDIS again against all odds. I feel truly cared for.​

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