Updates to Know About NDIS Changes

The year is in full swing. To prepare for 2024, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) independent review Final Report titled “Working Together to Deliver the NDIS” was released. It included 26 recommendations with 139 actions to bring necessary changes to NDIS. The report hopes to have a unified system that supports all people with […]

Purpose of the Disability Royal Commission in Australia

Every person has the right to enjoy living their life free from all forms of abuse and exploitation. But in reality, people with a disability are at greater risk of violence than those who do not have any disabilities. Based on a report, 64% of people with disability in Australia said they experienced violence, including […]

NDIS: Meaningful events that shaped our community

As 2024 is well under way with renewed hope for more social inclusion and active engagement of people with disability, it can be helpful to take a look at some meaningful and engaging NDIS activities and related events that shaped the community during the last year. Looking back at NDIS 2023 The NDIS Quality and […]

“Why do you think someone would ask you ‘How do you identify?'”

What label/s do you use to describe yourself? It’s a fair question to ask because to relate and connect in the social world we need to define and differentiate. Labels are useful, they give us an indication of a person’s lived experience, orientations, inclinations, preferences, political leanings, and how they navigate the world. I could […]

How we shine and sparkle helps us imagine and create an expansive future

  In line with the 2024 Mardi Gras theme of ‘Our Future,’ I’d like to share with you how that would ideally be like for a queer, non-binary, transgender person who lives with complex disabilities. I’d like to experience a future that uses our collective experiences, a future that validates and values new ways of […]

Qualities and outcomes of effective support for people with disability

We celebrated International Day of People with Disability on December 3rd – just before Christmas and New Year. And as with everything, the disability community has a wide range of views as to whether and how it should be celebrated – and each of these perspectives is valid in its own way. So for me, […]

The Event Accessibility Checklist for Safe and Inclusive Gatherings

The Event Accessibility Checklist for Safe and Inclusive Gatherings

Accessibility at all venues and gatherings of people with disability must be given important consideration. Events such as an open-air concert, a sporting event, or a conference need to be inclusive and easily accessible for everyone. It is more than providing a ramp or providing enough space for a wheelchair to pass through. Event organisers […]

Guide to Finding the Right NDIS Support Coordinator For You

Guide to Finding the Right NDIS Support Coordinator For You

An NDIS Support Coordinator can help an individual with a disability to have access to available services to live an empowered and self-directed life. A Support Coordinator will work closely with you or a loved one living with a disability to help ensure that you achieve a good outcome from your NDIS plan. So it […]

Raising our expectations of and for people with disability

Society’s expectations of people with disability are generally far too low. I’ve always said that we should do what we can to change that perception.  It starts with active listening, offering choices and holding everyone to a higher standard.  It involves assuming ability first and adjusting our support based on what we need.  It means […]

Building Connection and Social Inclusion

I see life as like eating an ice cream – it’s often difficult, sometimes messy, but always enjoyable .… if you can find the sweetness in it! And it’s true. Living with cerebral palsy affects my whole life, and gives me my fair share of challenges. But my life is still pretty big, busy and […]